About Us

In the 50s the couple Giorgio e Paolina Centi, the “Biri”, he employee and her housewife, finally managed to buy with great efforts the house of via Vallepiatta, where they were born and brought up their three sons Fabio, Anna and Stefano called “Peo”.

Since 2001, after the demise of “Biri”, the apartment already in need of maintenance it remained empty because the children, all married, lived by themselves and their families. No questions of selling, too many memories! So what to do? The unanimous decision was seized with both hands when the company “Peo” , the youngest son, worked for moved to the north and he was left without work. Thus was born the project to renovate the apartment to create an activity of Bed and Breakfast, “casacenti”.

Casacenti has been now rearranged in a way nice and accurately to welcome guests who wish to enjoy a peaceful stay in this historical buildings. The renovation, of the structure and of the furniture, has preserved the style of the homes of the old town. The rooms are characterized by colorful beam ceilings and exposed rafters and are furnished with period furniture. The windows open onto a picturesque view.


The Pink Room and the Green Room overlooking the valley below the walls from which, in addition to let your gaze wander in the green Montagnola Senese and the surrounding countryside, you can admire in all its magnificence the church di  San Domenico.

The Gold Room and the Orange room, instead they are turned towards via di  Vallepiatta, located in one of the oldest parts di  Siena around IV AD add anche in ita, near the monumental complex of the Duomo and the Santa Maria della Scala, which overlooks the so-called “Fosso di Sant’Ansano”, where it is said that the martyr of Siena, who lived around the fourth century. AD, received the punishment of boiling oil, but emerged unscathed.